Country Costumers

We are happy to arrange delivery of costumes to your door if you don’t live in Adelaide. 

We will need a description of what you want plus sizes and exact measurements at least 10 days before the required date.  This is what we will work from, so if they are not correct, your costume won’t fit!  Ooops!

To get the costumes to you we use Stateliner to deliver to most areas, however we can be flexible with enough notice!  If you prefer to organise your own freight we will have your order ready for pickup at a prearranged time.

We’ll do our best to provide the best available costume matching your request and measurements.

Please note:

  • All freight costs are paid by the customer.
  • We don’t reimburse you for costumes that you deem unsuitable.
  • We don’t reimburse you for costumes that do not fit, but if you send the right measurements it shouldn’t happen!




Victor Harbor,

Phone 0413 215 107

By appointment...

We deliver on price to the CBD or southern areas

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